The Guiding Patient Program at Clinical Skills USA (CSUSA) offers students in the healthcare professions with the opportunity to learn the important clinical skills associated with the male and female genitourinary exams, taught by skilled instructors utilizing their own bodies for instructional purposes.  Students benefit from the opportunity to practice these sensitive clinical examination skills directly on the instructor, before they will be faced with actual patients.

CSUSA recruits, trains, and refers Guiding Patients as professional instructors who are knowledgeable in teaching the female pelvic and breast exams, and the male genital and rectal/prostate exams.  The use of Guiding Patients may serve as the single source for instruction, or may be applied in combination with training utilizing a mannequin or actual clinical patient.  It is our belief that the application of Guiding Patients is a superior method for the instruction of these sensitive exam skills, because of their ability to teach and to share immediate feedback. Throughout this instruction, emphasis is placed on the important “patient-centered” skills associated with proper communication and interpersonal skills.

CSUSA presently serves multiple medical, nursing, and physician assistant schools throughout the U.S.  Additionally, CSUSA provides continuing education training for practicing clinicians.